Interracial Couple Banned from Kentucky Church

    Two days ago, I read this article about how a young interracial couple were banned from a Kentucky church.

Firstly, the decision to ban this interracial couple is wrong.  We are a month away from the start of a new year, 2012, and racism hasn’t faded from the public opinion.  We can’t overcome racism if we don’t stop the spread of white domination and white supremacy.  Why must the issue of race influence others into determining what is right or wrong?

This story tears at my heart.  It’s an injustice and the couple involved should hear the support for them that’s flooding the internet.

The illusion of whiteness has been an ongoing phenomenon despite the many achievements for civil rights and the gradual road to equality for minorities.  In today’s modern society, the illusion of whiteness hasn’t faded over the flow of time.  History is the present, past, and future.  Racism won’t stop as an ideal belief as long as the veil of whiteness is never lifted.  Gaining a better understanding of whiteness can be vital to ending racism, and actually making “all men (and women) are created equal” a reality.

As a student, I’ve chosen to take Whiteness Studies, and we will be having our annual Whiteness Forum this coming Thurs, Dec. 8th, at CSUSM.   Our purpose for having this event is to share with the public the following question:  How does whiteness permeate our society?  Here is a link to event:

As a woman, I’ve come to acknowledge my attraction to people of color, and I have accepted that being in an interracial relationship could be my future.  If I was in this situation, I would stand strong in the face of this racist injustice.  This is a matter that I can’t ignore, and I support this couple.

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